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NCAA Eligibility/Student Athletes

College-bound athletes that want to play a sport at a Division I or II university must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  It is the student's responsibility to review the NCAA policies to ensure they are academically eligible and are fulfilling requirements set forth by NCAA. 

  • Student athletes can register with the NCAA HERE.
  • Student athletes can view a High School Timeline and summary of eligibility requirements HERE.
    • To check our list of approved NCAA high school courses, click the link below and enter code 392207
  • Student athletes can choose to create a free Profile Page (DIII or unsure) or a Certification Account (DI or DII). A Profile Page can be turned into a Certification Account at any time. After registering, request that a transcript be sent  to the Eligibility Center.
  • Have SAT and/or ACT scores sent to the Eligibility Center by entering code "9999" when registering for the test.
  • Log in during the senior year to update any new information and request final amateurism certification.
  • Graduate on time from high school in eight semesters (four years).
  • From athletics and academics to college life and financial aid it's better to be prepared and have all your questions answered. 



Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete



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