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Scholarship Information

Scholarships are awarded based on both merit (grades, accomplishments, and other personal characteristics) and financial need.  Unlike student loans, they DO NOT have to be repaid and can reduce the cost of college.  The more free money, in the form of scholarships and grants, that you find to help pay for college, the less you will have to finance.  Maximize your chances by researching scholarships and completing the applications. 

It is recommended that families contact the financial aid offices of the colleges/universities or career schools that interest you and ask about their merit or non-need based scholarships. 

Other places to find scholarships include:

  • Organizations that you or your family are involved in
  • Corporations - ask your parents to check at their place of work
  • Local volunteer organizations
  • Local or national religious organizations
  • National organizations relating to your talent/interests 



Click here to see Current Scholarships offered through the High School Counseling Office.



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