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About Our School

Kiski Area High School (KAHS) is a four year (9-12) comprehensive high school with an enrollment of just over 1200 students.  The faculty is comprised of approximately 100 certified staff, of which over 60% hold advanced degrees.  The school day consists of four periods, 82 minutes in length.  The days alternate on an A/B schedule with Day A providing periods 1-4 and Day B consisting of periods 5-8.  This provides 8 instructional periods over 2 days for our students.  
In the middle of the day, KAHS provides time for enrichment and intervention activities which occur in conjunction with student lunch periods.  We refer to this concept as "Lunch & Learn" and the time for intervention/enrichment as CAV time. This time is designed to provide opportunities for students to seek out assistance from their teachers and for teachers to identify students by name and need for support or enrichment activities.   
Kiski Area High School is committed to demonstrating student learning at higher levels than ever before achieved.  To this end, KAHS emphasizes its' vast Advanced Placement program of studies.  In partnership with the National Math & Science Initiative (NMSI), KAHS is focused on increasing student enrollment and success on AP courses and exams.  This provides our students with an opportunity to participate in a nationally recognized program which compares them to their peers from across the nation.  
KAHS is equally committed to developing well-rounded and prepared individuals by providing a variety of athletic teams and extra-curricular activities.  The Lunch & Learn concept provides opportunities for students to participate in various clubs and intramural activities during the school day.  Kiski Area also has 20 Varsity sports (10 male and 10 female) and a variety of music and other extra-curricular activities which occur outside of the school day.