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Counseling Center » Military and/or Post Secondary Agencies

Military and/or Post Secondary Agencies

Denial of Access to Military and/or Post Secondary Recruiters


A google form will be shared with the parent and/or guardian of all Juniors and Seniors approximately the first week of school.


Parents and/or guardians are given 21 days to complete and submit the google form.


After this 21 day window, recruiters will be given a list of the current Juniors/Seniors upon request. This list will contain names, addresses and phone numbers of all Juniors/Seniors whose parent/guardian did not submit the electronically signed and completed opt-out form.


Paper copies of the form are available upon request, please email [email protected] if a paper copy is needed.



Use the links below to find out more information about each branch of the military. 





National Guard

Careers in the Military

This website provides information about joining the Military from the first meeting with a recruiter to find a career and taking advantage of benefits.